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2023 Holiday Gift Guide!

Whew! I did it! Another Holiday Gift Guide episode is in the books! In the beginning of the episode I went over some super cool brands that I'd love for you to support. Grab merch from these two small businesses for yourself and your friends/family/co-workers or clients and be sure to read all about who they are and what they stand for!

For all your firearm needs you have to go through my guy, ReiKo or Frederick Zada of and don't forget

We talked about the amazing packaging and extra goodies that includes, sibling and veteran owned, bamboo pajamas and matching family sets from Lala Logan, and the fun bracelets sets from Stacks By Shultz over on Instagram. Last but not least we mention Renee Harris of!

For easy reference here's the link to the Earthley website but also don't forget we covered a ton of ground in these blogs as well:

Non-Toxic Kitchen Essentials for Kids

Non-Toxic Car Seats, Clothing and Gear to Jump Start Your Crunchy Journey

Cleaner Bath and Bodies, Must Have Items for Non-Toxic Bathing

Non-Toxic Cleaning Products and Gifts

Must Have Non-Toxic Lotions for Moms, Dads and Little Ones

There you have it folks! Please let me know if you purchase one of these items. Tag me, tag them and happy holidays! #victory *Commissioned Links

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