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Cleaner Bath and Bodies - Must Have Items for Non-Toxic Bathing

One of the first things I started swapping out for myself and my family was soaps and lotions. This list is comprised of must-have items for non-toxic bathing and post bath rituals for yourself and your kids! You'll find some of these items on Amazon and others on Earthley.

If you listen to my podcast you know I am a huge fan of the Earthley brand. I've tried more than just the products shared here so if you need a recommendation on something please don't hesitate to reach out!

Let's start with toothbrushes. I've actually tried a number of bamboo brands and they are all about the same with the only difference really being quality in packaging. However, as of late we are using these Wild and Stone bamboo toothbrushes.

For baby wash cloths, these organic ones are the perfect size and oh, so soft! I've purchased these for our family and as a baby shower gift for a friend pregnant with twins!

They come in about 14 different colors so you can match to towels or bathroom décor!

These towels are another investment we made. We have several of these and I have purchased them as gifts as well. They are super soft and made of bamboo.

They make great gifts or registry items and they come in multiple sizes as well as colors/animals! They also do go on sale so keep an eye out!

For soap for the boys and when the kids were babies we chose bar soaps from Earthley. They come in fun shapes and it's a surprise every time you order, you never know what you'll get! I find all Earthley products to be very reasonably priced as well. Click here to shop the kids' soap!

Now this next product I use on myself and all three kiddos. The Good Night Lotion is a staple not only because of it's clean ingredients but it contains magnesium which is responsible for supporting many functions within our bodies! To top it off, this lotion smells like a dream! Get it here.

If you're looking for an easy, leave-in conditioner that has minimal ingredients and works like a charm check this out. They have formulas for those with thicker, dyer hair as well as one for those with thinner or more oily hair. Shop til you drop these awesome products!

If you're still with me and reading this it would mean the world to me if you do end up purchasing if you'd choose my name, Jill Miller from the referral drop down box at the time of checkout on the Earthley website!

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