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Non-Toxic Kitchen Essentials for Kids

As you probably heard through the podcast or in conversation I've been working on switching over the products we use in our house. While I admit I still use some "toxic" things because they work well, I haven't found a cleaner alternative or the clean brand is currently out of my price point, I do tend to make more conscious choices when it comes to my kiddos. So, without further ado, here are some of the many brands I choose for my children when it comes to kitchen essentials and packing lunches.

We're big fans of bamboo and stainless steel.

You can get the Wee Sprout plates with lids and other products here. The bowls you see we have as well, they are small but make perfect toddler portion sizes!

For utensils, we use stainless steel spoons and forks. The ones I purchased have cute little animals at the base.

Let's face it, I'll do anything to make eating healthy, more fun!

Now the Bentgo lunch boxes with matching backpacks are adorable don't get me wrong. I purchased the pink, unicorn backpack for my daughter and I love the insulated zipper compartment at the base of it.

However, I didn't love the lunch box, (I will link to that in a moment) I found the compartments to be too small for the food items we pack in her lunch.

I found these Everyusely stainless steel containers work much better, clean up easy, stack/store without taking up a lot of space, the sizes are perfect and the colors are fun!

We hand wash and dry ours but it's super quick and easy. Like I mentioned, I found the compartments of the lunchbox so small that they were hard to clean. However, due to their popularity among crunchy mama's here's that link as promised.

Please look for the backpack along with other clothing and gear in a my other blog post titled, Car Seats, Clothing and Gear to Jump Start Your Crunch Journey!


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