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Non-Toxic Car Seats, Clothing and Gear to Jump Start Your Crunch Journey!

I may have mentioned that when I started out trying to make healther choices for my family I was in awe at all things that came in, "non-toxic" versions. One of things were, car seats!

Given the amount of time our kids spend in them and the fact they have direct, skin to skin contact I decided on the Chicco ClearTex option.

We have three kids so we have several of the one pictured and for our oldest who is in a booster with a five point harness we choose this one.

You may have already read about the Bentgo brand on my, Non-Toxic Kitchen Essentials for Kids blog post. While the lunchbox wasn't our jam, we do like the backpack. They come in a variety of too-cute patterns and we love the insulated zipper compartment for lunches since we tend to pack mostly fresh food items that need to be kept cold.

I am not rich. Not even close. So, given the fact that kids grow out of clothing so fast or stain it or it gets rips or tears clothing has been one of the hardest things for me to commit to buying all, non-toxic.

It's also challenging to know without doing a very deep dive on the company how they are sourcing their materials. Marketing can lead us to believe a lot things no one knows this to be more true than someone like myself who is in the marketing industry!

For clothing, I recommend researching multiple brands to find ones that might be in your price point and searching Marketplace or other hand-me-down websites for used items if you can. The Burt's Bees brand was purchased by Clorox years ago so I've tend to lost faith in them but I will say I do purchase these sleepers because they have great sales on certain patterns from time to time.

Other brands I've seen recommend are: Moon and Back by Hannah Anderson

Lucky and Me and of course there are more and if you find some you like please reach out! I'd love to connect with you!

Also check back because I will be adding more items to all these lists/blogs!

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