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Non-Toxic Cleaning Products & Gifts

Without doing too much research I can take a guess that the typical place most people begin to eliminate toxins in their home is in their cleaning products. We've all experienced the burn in our throats or watery eyes from harsh chemicals as we scrub toilets. Yet it's that same smell that often makes us believe we are really getting something clean, I get it.

The last thing I want you to do is take my word for it. If you've read other blog posts with product recommendations I highly suggest doing your own research. That said, the sole reason I belong to an MLM is for the Thieves. That's right Young Living, I'm here for the Thieves. Why is it top notch? Several reasons. It comes in liquid and powder. The liquid concentrate can be diluted more or less depending on the "dirtiness" of what it is you are cleaning. There's no better streak free glass cleaner on planet earth. It uses high quality essential oils.... yes essential oils.

I didn't just take Young Living's word for it. I did several online courses from the Aromahead Institute to learn about the properties in the oils that make them so potent as well as proper usage and dilution ratios. All that said, I don't do the MLM business. In fact in five years I've signed up one person and that was a friend of mine who was looking for an alternative just like I was. The other thing I like is if I wanted to I could not only get Thieves cleaner but I could get, laundry detergent, dish soap, hand soap, dishwasher powder, fruit and veggie cleaner, and the list goes on.

Due to high cost I switch back and forth between Young Living's laundry detergent and Earthley's. However I use a whole slew of Thieves personal care products too. Everything from the Chest Rub, to Toothpaste, Dental Floss, the oil for diffusing and we use a very limited amount of hand sanitizer but when we do, it's Thieves. Many of the products I use for the kids come from YL as well, their fluoride free toothpaste, lotion, bath gel, shampoo and essential oils so as you can see for me a membership is justifiable.

But honestly, don't ask me to explain the structure of the Young Living MLM because I legit can't. Check out the products and if you want to get the member pricing sign up. You don't even have to sign up under me if you just sign up they'll put you under someone who does the business and is local to you. That's what they did to me...I met up with the person hoping we could be friends. She made it clear she was there to sell. Trust me I get the turn off with MLM's, however given the number of products I honestly love and trust it makes membership worth it. If you follow this link, accrue more than 50PV and use the code SHAREYL you'll receive 10% off your first order.

Lastly, the reason I include gifts in the title of this article is because membership and or products such as the owl diffuser for kids make awesome gifts.

There are some new products I'll be checking out included Malaluca's Toilet Bowl Cleaner and Earthley's Cleaning Spray Concentrate as well as their paste. If the links are up it's because I'm recommending them but if you come back and see these links gone it's because and learn!

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