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Vira Creative's 2020 Holiday Gift Giving Guide

Giving a gift for a friend, family member or other loved one can be really challenging. Let’s face it, most of don’t “need” anything and we can also purchase for ourselves, the things we truly do need and/or want. Then there’s corporate gift giving. Please, no more gourmet cracker baskets. We’ve put together this holiday gift-giving guide to help you do a little better than overpriced, wafers that cost a pretty penny, but doesn’t really say, “I thought hard about what you might enjoy.” We’ve thought outside the box for you. These gifts are all unique in their own right but the number one trick to wowing your recipient however, is to think about who they are and what they enjoy doing. If you’re not into reading, check out audio podcast episode 17 where I cover everything below.

For Him

  • Check out I needed a gift for my brother-in-law and I must say I was quite proud of this find. He was out of town on a not-so-fun trip so I thought I’d lift his spirits by sending a Man Crate to his hotel. The company and hotel handled the delivery with ease and everyone was happy! For this particular occasion I went with the Premium Jerky Ammo Can.

  • Consider There’s a lot of subscription options out there but socks are a practical necessity and if you’re like my husband who gets socks from my mother every Christmas and from me throughout the year but still manages to have holes in every pair he wears, well then a pay-as-you-go, three month, six month or 12 month membership of socks is the perfect solution! Plus you can choose from some awesome patterns or check out their design lab and design your own. (Think your face on his socks or if that seems weird then maybe the dogs face instead.)

  • Two words. Bacon. Roses. I haven’t given this gift but I’ve seen it in action and it’s a doozey. Unfortunately, they are currently sold out but come back to this one because it’s a great Valentine’s Day or birthday gift for men and when bacon roses arrive at the office it won’t hurt their manhood. Find them at

For Her

  • I’ve been gifted with several silk pillowcases and I must say I’ll never sleep on cotton or satin again. Fabric experts say silk is better for your hair and skin due to less friction while you change positions and I think they stay cooler longer. Pro tip if you’re not paying around $50 per pillowcase you’re probably getting some type of satin or satin blend not pure silk.

  • Have you ever heard of Eco Flowers? A quick Google search turns up articles like, “Why Eco Flowers might be Shark Tank’s Biggest Disaster of all Time,” and it’s true, I had a horrible experience with them and there’s even Facebook Groups about how horrible their customer service was. However, when I turned to Etsy for a similar product I had great success. What is an Eco Flower? Well, it’s a flower that won’t really die. Most are made from very thin wood such as sola wood. I walked down the isle with mine in 2017 then stuck them in a vase and they’re still on display in my home to this day. Those crafty folks on Etsy don’t stop with bouquets though they make all kinds of home décor items.

  • Staycation. My husband and I are huge fans and when given as a gift it gives me something to look forward too. We stay local and the money we save on travel we put towards room upgrades. I like boutique hotels that offer extra touches and amenities or for example if you’re a Hilton Rewards Member you can look for their higher end brands such as the Curio Collection or Waldorf Astoria Hotels. Pair it with a fun daytime experience (Riverwalk, Indoor Sky Diving, Paining Class, Spa Package) and then cap it off with some fine dining. It takes some planning but your gal is sure to love it!

For the Health Conscious - Alcohol is such an obvi go to but it really lacks in the creativity department. Plus if your person is health conscious they may not imbibe. I’m a fan of these three alternatives:

  • NingXia Red – Sold by YoungLiving and some health food stores, NingXia not only comes in a fancy bottle, but it tastes great and packs a nice healthy punch for adults and children. Made from wolfberries and other fruit juices it remains a low sugar option that supports energy levels, cellular function and even eye health. Buyer beware though, NingXia red is not cheap by any means, expect a price comparable to a “middle-of-the-road” bottle of wine. ($40 -50/750ml bottles.) Click here to create an account and order!

  • Meat eaters unite! offers a wide variety of proteins that are pasture raised, organic and soy free. I purchased this gift for the CrossFit Box owner in my life and her family and it was a hit. Last but not least their products ship frozen, in fully recyclable packaging.

  • This one takes some digging because most farms don’t have the best search engine optimization, website or social media presence but, some local farms offer monthly delivery of in-season fruits and vegetables. The perfect gift for those trying to avoid store bought fruits and vegetables that have been sprayed with chemicals, genetically modified or shipped from Timbuktu.

  • The top three yoga mats for seasoned practitioners are: Manduka’s Pro mat ranging from $120 – 150, Lululemon mats and Jade Yoga mats. If the yogi in your life is using a standard mat that looks sort of like styrofoam packaging squished together (not sure how else to describe it but these are $15 – $30 mats you can find anywhere) then it’s time for an upgrade. Of those listed my go to is Manduka. It’s thick, yet a solid surface which is better for balancing poses, I’ve had my Manduka Pro for about 15 years and my ProLite for about 8, neither of them show any wear or tear.

Rapid Fire – Here’s a quick list of additional ideas incase the previous haven't captured that special person on your list!

For the Newbie Foodie or Chef – Food Processor, Air Fryer or a KitchenAid Professional Mixer

For the Pet Parent – offers two gift box options, one for dog lovers and one for cat lovers. It’s wine for the humans and toys for the pets. Plus each purchase of a box helps fund pet adoptions.

For the Self-Care Guru – Two things every self-care guru needs, a massage gun and a microdermabrasion pen or wand. I have neither so I can’t speak yet to which brands are the go-tos, but these items are definitely on my holiday wish list!

For the Entrepreneur – If you know someone just starting out consider gifting them a logo, website, business cards or other start up expenses. Firms like Vira Creative offer “branding packages” or solo options to help the small business get up and running while maintaining a certain level of professionalism and without cutting corners. (If I had a dollar for every client who “had a friend” or just cut corners in general and is now left with a disjointed brand I’d be rich!) Another great item for anyone who spends a lot of time in front of a screen or computer, blue light blocking glasses. These bad boys are a game changer! I highly recommend them.

Last but not least, I want to encourage you to shop local. If you’re looking for something that can be homemade or personalized there’s likely someone near you who can do it. Again, these small businesses don’t often have the best online presence but owners of the businesses can be found in Facebook Groups (especially Mom groups) touting their talents. Shopping local has so many benefits such as the lofty “supporting someone’s dream” to the more practical, helping someone put food on the table. A recent social media post by my upcoming podcast guest stated that when you spend $100 at a local business, roughly $68 stays in the local economy. Whereas when you purchase from a big business only $48 finds it’s way back to the community.

There you have it! Our best ideas to date for 2020 holiday gift giving!


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