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My Beef with AI (Ai, not AL)

AI - Good, Bad or Indifferent

There are a few things I find great about AI. One, it saves time. Two...well maybe another positive will dawn on me later as I write this. Do I use AI? Yes. However, there's things that need to be considered that many people aren't giving thought to. Here are those things, which I'm sure will piss off a lot of people because a dissenting voice always seems to do that... 1. Use it or lose it. When was the last time you sat down to hand write something? Have you noticed a decline over the past few years in your penmanship? We mostly type, text and talk and do very little writing. Often when we stop using skills like writing or even balance, we start to lose them. The same is true for our ability to think, be creative and process information. If you constantly outsource these powers, I can almost promise you the next time you need to call upon them, you'll be rusty. 2. Originality. I haven't used AI a ton, but I've used it enough to notice it lacks originality. My clients span all industries and I've tested it out on several. However, I now find myself prompting it to avoid the words, "unleash" and "unlock" and "potential" and "empower" and, and,'s to the point where I can spot AI generated content because of an overuse of these buzz words. AI uses data and patterns and even it admits it can't compare to human creativity when it comes to originality and groundbreaking technology. 3. Editing. The other prompt I'm constantly telling AI is to use "50 words or less." Otherwise, the length of content it generates is way. too. long. I've noticed many people aren't editing the content either. Not for length, not for authentic voice, accuracy or even if the answer aligns with the values your brand/company holds. 4. Visuals. Call me crazy but the images that AI generates creep me out. I for one, prefer the content I absorb to be a direct reflection of what's real. Consider the gripe many people have about violent video games. It desensitizes the end user. I can see how in the future, if we constantly take in fake, computer generated images it will start to desensitize us from reality. 5. Tin Foil Hat. Did you know many of the individuals working on creating AI, wish they never did. Did you know many tech giants who live in Silicone Valley send their children to "tech free" schools. Never take your own poison, I think is the saying. I mean what could go wrong with AI having the ability to generate images on your hand? 6. Emotional Value. Branding and marketing is directly related to human emotion. As a marketer I can empathize with clients, understand their values, and create authentic and relatable brand content. Meanwhile AI says it struggles to genuinely feel or understand emotions which makes it challenging to create brand experiences that deeply resonate with the audience. 7. Time. Everyone is saying it's saving them so much time. However, there will be a point where we are waiting on reprogramming or updated algorithms for AI to output the best and most updated response. I believe that your originality, creativity and thoughts can't and shouldn't ever be replaced by AI. As an entrepreneur you already know that experience has been your best teacher. Rather than AI, use your own voice and experiences to authentically share your wisdom. It will resonate on a deeper level with your audience and it will be how you create the greatest impact.


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