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Faith, Fear & Fitness

Whew, was this a hard interview! What I learned is, it's actually easier to interview a stranger whose business you haven't been involved in for years and years. When I listened to this episode it took me back to when Al and I were kids in the gymnastics gym. We used to make each other laugh so hard we'd lose all function of our bodies and not be able to perform skills. We called it, "getting floppy." At the end of this interview we definitely got floppy...

Where else are you going to hear a business owner talk about sending a belfie than on my podcast? For those of you who don't know a belie is, it is a "butt selfie." If you haven't realized by now, this business owner is very close to her customers...

In a previous media interview Al said, "it's like going to work and hanging out with your friends all day long." Throughout the episode we pressed into how her business decisions are based on her faith and what have the most positive impact on her employees and her members - aka her friends/family.

Decision making looks different when instead of making decisions for customers you're making them for friends and family. Certainly, you can imagine how you'd make different decisions for your family than you would someone you don't know very well, right? I hope so.

If you're local to the Chippewa Valley and haven't checked out CrossFit Chippewa Falls we encourage you to do so. As we mention, after listening to this podcast we hope we've eased some of the fears around the "gym" culture. We hope we painted a picture of the uniqueness of the CF2 (CrossFit Chippewa Falls) culture which is one of faith, family, fitness and of course, the belfie.

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