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Where's the Restroom?

In certain industries employees are trained to guide customers to the restroom when they ask where it’s located. Surely, they could point or provide the customer with turn-by-turn directions, but it’s considered higher-level service to actually walk them to the destination.

As simple as it may seem, it’s these types of experiences that make customers like you. Liking you, is the first step in creating a customer who will pay a higher price or go out of their way and choose you, over a competitor. After a customer likes you, and repeatedly chooses you, they have a reason to talk highly about you and recommend you to others. As sad as it sounds, many business owners focus so heavily on “marketing” and “advertising” but spend little time concerned with the actual experience they are providing and furthermore, how that experience enhances their customers’ day. This makes all the time and resources devoted to marketing and advertising wasteful. Maybe this example sounds more familiar. You spend hours putting all the information someone could ever want to know about your business on your website. Then, when people ask you a question, rather than providing an answer, you direct them to your website. You’re busy, you don’t have time to answer what’s right in front of someone’s face, that’s why the website is there. I know. I get it. In a perfect world our customers take the time to read every, carefully, crafted word we ever write. Alas, the world is far from perfect. The customer asked because they wanted an answer, making them search your site themselves, even if not a time consuming or tedious job, isn’t considered one of those higher-level experiences. (Side note, I'm not saying your website can lack information! I'm saying there's better ways to handle the scenario that will lead to deeper customer appreciation!) Earlier this month I let the cat out of the bag when I posted what I consider the secrets to long-term success. Step 1: Build a strong brand. Step 2: Build awareness. Step 3: Create a memorable experience for every customer. Most business owners skip and/or don’t spend enough time on step one, building their brand. Building a brand takes strategy, authenticity and time. It requires you to focus on the smallest of details, like being the brand, whose employees go the extra distance to guide their customers to the restroom. #Victoryforbrands

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