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Student/Brand Collaboration


May 13, 2019 – Chicago IL- This spring Saint Xavier University (SXU) students in ART 322 Advertising in Marketing, were given the opportunity to create and present integrated advertising campaigns to Matt Lancor, Founder of the brand, Kombuchade.

Course instructor Jill Miller, owner of a boutique marketing firm called Vira Creative, taught the students concepts in advertising including how to integrate market research with marketing strategy. She coordinated the partnership between the students and Kombuchade. The students were divided into four groups, some business, some art and design majors, in an effort for them to experience cross department communications. The result? Four unique, strategic and creative campaigns, backed by research for successfully advertising the Kombuchade brand.

“…tons of fun to work with the talent at SXU. The students came up with creative and innovative ways to build brand awareness. I would highly recommend other brands looking for inspiration to check out this class as a resource,” stated Founder, Matt Lancor.

Some of the ideas for brand awareness which the students conjured up. ranged from traditional billboards (but with bold, stand-out creative messaging) to reimagining concepts the brand already uses. For example, one group expanded on the brand’s current use of table tents by redesigning them to include augmented reality. Students were responsible for creating samples of any advertising tactic addressed in their plan. Thus, Matt was able to come away with sample billboards, social media ads, posters, stickers even a video with original music.

“The students worked extremely hard to push the boundaries of creativity but in ways that still made strategic sense for the brand. They had to work within the constraints of a real advertising budget and deliver their campaigns to the client in professional manner. This was really next level work and the students stepped up to the plate and delivered. I couldn’t be prouder of them” stated instructor Miller.

For more on Kombuchade visit their website at:



Jill Miller


*Original image/artwork property of Francesca Cepero.

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