Are Your Incentives Incentivizing?

Four Reasons Your Incentives Aren’t Working

You’re not committed – You only tell people about it once. You send out one e-mail, or create one social media post, rather than consistently reminding your audience across various marketing channels. The other way you might not be committed is you keep changing up the terms/rules/offer.

Your timing is off – It could be that you don’t give your audience enough time to generate enough purchases or tell enough people to earn their rewards or, your expiration date is too close to the launch of the campaign.

It’s confusing – Refer ten friends, use this code, they get this, you get that. Wait. What? Confused consumers won’t act. Don’t expect them to try and figure you out.

Your “ask” is too big – Consumers are reluctant to give out their own information let alone hand over someone else’s e-mail address for personal gain.

The good news is, there are strategies to combat all these issues. I know what they are, and I’ve put them to good use to produce great results. I’m ready when you are.

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