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2019 Pricing

Starting January 1 new clients will be offered the rate of $1800/month for marketing services. And if that sounds like a lot consider this:

  • After I pay taxes that's a salary of roughly $15,120/year

  • Which breaks down to just under $7.50/hour

  • The Target I live by is hiring and the starting rate is $12/hour

  • I have ten years experience, a Master's degree and a proven record for helping businesses succeed (If you can find a consultant with a similar resume, who will work for $7.50/hour please, show me this unicorn.)

  • In addition to avoiding the cost of hiring a salaried employee, as a consultant my services are a write off/business expense

So clearly I'm not in it for the money and you, as the customer, are getting the better end of this deal. Plus doesn't it feel good to know exactly what the fees are? We can avoid the scenario where we go back and forth dancing around the money talk. Along with the one where I get your hopes up with all the things I can do for you, then waste my time creating a proposal for services you can't afford. Yes, transparency feels good. Check your budget, plan accordingly and if the fee seems out of reach, then hustle until it sounds cheap. #goals

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