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Right Place, Right Time?

Are you sending your e-newsletters, Facebook posts, Tweets, Instagram Photos, Direct Mail Pieces, at the right time? Are billboards, magazines or the radio the right place to send your message? Are the people who are looking for your product per service seeing your messages? What exactly is your message? What is your creative? Do they compliment one another? Do they make sense to people? Do they accurate describe your unique product or service? How often are you sending messages? Once a year? Once a month? Three times a week? Every day? Every hour? Did you know there's actual research (and people like me) that can help determine the best answers to these questions? I can tell you the best time of day, the best place, the best words, the best images and the number of times you need to share your message in order to be effective and not waste money. Do you want your marketing to be effective? Do you want to spend your money wisely? Surely you do.

This is piece three of four, in a direct mail campaign crafted and executed by Vira Creative. Post cards have been sent seasonally since the Fall of 2017, to the same households that share a specific set of characteristics. The copy and image used for each card aligns with the season and the brand. The oversized post card helps the piece stand among every day clutter. Contact us to make sure your next marketing campaign includes research, strategy, and creativity. See more of our portfolio here.

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