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Thinking Differently

I have a Master's in Science and eight years experience marketing small businesses. Does that make me an expert? No. Does it mean I have all the answers? No. Then what does it mean and more importantly, why should you hire a non-expert who doesn’t claim to know it all?

What this means is, I spent a significant amount of time studying and learning how to think differently about a very specific aspect of business.

Here’s a recent example. A man who's obtaining a degree in medicine reached out to m because he is starting a business. He put together a team of employees, and he just had one question for me. "How do I get clients?"

Now, had I given him all the answers and ideas that started flooding my mind my response would have been typed into at least a 40-page report, no joke. However, I know not to waste my time with that because in today's world of quick fixes and everyone being on the hunt for the fastest and easiest way to become successful, no one would bother reading 40 pages. Not even if they asked for it, and often times not even when they pay for it. (Speaking of, are you still reading?)

Instead, I gave him three things that immediately stood out to me as obvious based off his industry, business model and target market.

It's probably safe to assume this man is intelligent in his own right, obtaining a medical degree isn't all that easy, starting a company from scratch and hiring employees takes a certain amount of intelligence and entrepreneur spirit. So then why would I give "obvious" solutions? Why not, ground breaking, out of the box thinking, type of solutions?

Keep in mind what's obvious to me, is not the same as what's obvious to the business owner, no matter what degree, intelligence or experience he/she has. In fact, here's what Doctor had to say in response to my logic.

“This is Information overload, I love it! You will definitely be my guide for this one! Allow me, not even a couple of hours, but a couple of days to analyze, research, and take notes on all that you have mentioned here. Seriously, about 95% of this I have not even looked into. This shows that I have a lot of homework to do. Thanks a Million for this, work begins!”

The answers you can’t often see are right in front of me. That is why people who want to take their business up a notch hire me. Luckily for you, I'm right in front of you. Contact me today.

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