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How I Get Results for Clients

There are three things that allow me to execute successful marketing campaigns for my clients. The first is research. Before tackling any type of marketing, I conduct industry specific and target market research. Every flyer, e-newsletter, post card, tweet, video, business to business partnership, etc. has a clear purpose and is intentional.

The second thing I do is analyze the results of the research in such a way that it leads to the development of a strong strategy. The third and final thing I do, is infuse the execution of the strategy with creativity. I would think most anyone could do research given they had the time and resources. Some might even be able to strategize or at least produce an educated guess that resembles a strategy. However, creativity isn’t something that can be taught. Especially creativity captures the right people’s attention all while enhancing the brand’s image.

The funny thing is, all around me I can find examples of businesses and “experts” that clearly didn’t do their research. Most business owners and many of the people they hire to help with marketing can’t tell you why they do any of the marketing related things they do. Hey, as long as it is getting done, right?

I’m not into wasting time or money. I’m into getting results. This year my clients executed campaigns with actual, tangible results.

We gained followers on social media, we gained customers by using direct mail, as well as using clear communication to let people know about services my clients offer that people didn’t know about, we got compliments on the interesting content of our e-newsletters, newsletters that people actually opened and read. We revamped websites and logos to be more effective and relatable. We developed tag line to enhance branding and explain to customers who the brand is in less than 2 seconds. We partnered with white board animation to keep up with ever changing demands of Facebook. We raised and donated money, (a lot of money) we discounted, and yet we still increased profits.

Sounds like someone deserves a raise. I think I’ll give myself one in 2018. Cheers.

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