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Perception Vs. Reality

Oh no she didn’t.

Oh yes she did.

This actually happened, she actually said this.

“Our business has grown so quickly on its own, by the word of mouth…in fact we do not even have a website”

Silly owner, Marketing is for professionals who actually want to get serious about business.

Your perception might be “I don’t need marketing (or a website, or advertising, or insert the tactic or strategy here.) You might even have a strong and clear perception of why. “I don’t need marketing because my business grows by word of mouth.”

The reality is, there’s always an opportunity to implement marketing now, that will have huge pay outs later.

The reality is, if you don’t implement a strategy for finding out what your customers are actually saying to people that’s persuading them to come to you, then how are you going to know what say to people when it’s time to do it on your own? That time will come, don’t think it won’t.

The reality is if you don’t implement a reward or loyalty program for the customers helping you grow they might leave when they find a comparable service provider who does reward them.

The reality is, many customers get frustrated by businesses with no website.

The reality is, included in the top ten reasons why businesses fail, “no website.”

The reality is, some people aren’t on Facebook (like me, personally I don’t have an account) so how will they find you online?

The reality is, some people don’t have friends (again, like me) so how will they hear about you?

The reality is, marketing is something you do constantly, no matter what time of year it is, stage your business is in (new vs. old), and definitely not just when you, “run out of” customers.

The reality is, marketing isn’t something you do when you “have the time,” “have the money,” “have the need.” It’s something you do today and every day for as long as you’re lucky enough to be in business.

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