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The Potential of Your Pursuit

Are you one of those people who have a side job? Maybe it’s a job you are, “doing right now,” to “make some extra cash,” or maybe it’s actually something you are really passionate about or pertains to a hobby you enjoy. This job probably doesn’t get much priority in your life, you fit it in when it’s convenient for you. Maybe sometimes you even fail to return messages from potential clients or opportunities because you’ve “got a lot going on.”

What if your side job became your career. I’m not talking about someday. I’m talking about today. Have you ever considered the actual potential of your side job to be a viable career, that provides for you both now, and in the future? It might seem impossible, but that’s probably because you have your hand in so many other things.

What if you narrowed your focus. What if you spent your time and energy on one thing, rather than multiple things? I talk to many potential clients who dabble here and there, maybe get a website set up or some business cards, but they never really go full throttle. Their attitude and perception is, they’ll do it full time, someday. The someday part is why they remain potential clients and never become actual clients.

I’ve seen what happens when entrepreneurs walk away from full time, corporate jobs and become: dog walkers, life coaches, yoga teachers, and so on. It’s actually a beautiful thing to see someone succeed while doing something that lights a fire in their soul.

So, if you’re corporate, stuck in a cubicle, nine-to-five, can’t-stand-your-boss job isn’t lighting a fire in your soul, maybe it’s time to change things up. Let’s talk about the true potential of your side job and what it’s going to take to turn it into your lucrative, career. #victoryforbrands

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