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What You Don't Know About Your Brand

You are the expert on your business. You know more about your business than anyone. However, this could actually be a bad thing! As the proud owner of your business, you’re too close to see its flaws. It’s like this. I think my dog is the best dog in the entire world, because she is, right? Well, I know plenty of other people who might argue they have the best dog in the world. So, who has the best dog?

If we were talking about businesses instead of dogs, who would have the best business? Which business should customers spend their time, money and energy with? I would argue mine, because “it’s clearly the best!” Do you see the flaw? What’s clear to me, the owner, may not be as clear to you, the one I’m trying to convince.

If your marketing and advertising isn’t drawing in new or repeat customers, it’s probably because you aren’t telling them what they want to hear. You’re trying hard to convince them of what you know. However, what if the thing they need to know or hear, is something you don’t know? You could ask your friends, family, or even your current customers but, since they are already on board, you probably won’t learn much.

You need to figure out what the people who aren’t your customers think. You need to figure out why they don’t use your product or service. Once you figure that out, you can say all the things they need to hear in order for them to become your customer. But, how are you going to reach them?

Should you walk up to a stranger and say “Hey! Why don’t you shop my business?” Probably not. Should you post to social media, “Tell us why you don’t shop our business!” Chances are they won’t see it, because they aren’t even paying any attention to you. Not to mention it’s just a weird and bad idea anyway.

This is where someone like myself enters the picture. I’m an outsider who can approach your brand with a fresh perspective. I have the tools to do research, and the insight to analyze results in ways that will formulate strategies for reaching the people who currently aren’t listening to you, much less noticing you. Come, and find out what you don’t know.

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