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It's the time of year where we reach out to see what your needs are for the year. Here are some things that you might be too busy to brainstorm about, research or execute which we happen to excel at! Advertising - Are you trying to figure out if you should spend money on that print ad, the radio or online somewhere? Are you struggling to figure out what to write, or say or how to get a return on your investment? Hire us! Branding - Are you starting a new business? Need a name, tag line or logo? Has it been a while since you updated your business cards, or other print materials? Do you need to brand a new service, product or event? Hire us, we'll make sure your brand tells consumers what it needs to know about you! Web and Graphic Design - Consumers will actually judge you/your business, decide to give you a try, or to trust or not trust you, based off your website. Make sure you're putting your best foot forward. Do you have enough white space? What about a call to action? There's no greater waste of money than bad design, let professionals help! Social Media & E-mail Marketing - Are your posts reaching people beyond just those who already like your page? Are you making the most of your database, keeping in front of your clients and soaring past industry average open and click through rates in your e-mail campaigns? If not, hire us because these are just some of the results we get for our clients. Market Research - When was the last time you surveyed your clients? Have you ever had someone test your customer service? What are your competitors up to? Who uses your product? Where do they live, what do they like? All these questions and more, answered when we help you with market research.

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