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Shouting from the Rooftops (How Businesses Benefit from Integrated Marketing)

Last month we checked in on a collaboration between a Vira Creative client (CrossFit Chippewa Falls) and the students I teach at Saint Xavier University. SXU shared our press release and the Chippewa Herald interviewed the client and myself, and ran this story today.

The thing about public relations is, what you do after your story hits the newsstands, is just as important as the story running itself. Integration is key. Therefore, all morning I've been shouting it from the rooftops. I've shared the article on the client's Facebook, Twitter and Instagram page, my professional and personal Facebook and Twitter pages, updated the Client's blog and website home page with the news, and updated my own, online portfolio.

The post to the Client's Facebook page alone has so far reached 883 people (more people than currently "like" the actual page) the post currently has 65 "likes, 13 "shares," and 8 "comments." In addition, we've received 3 additional page "likes," today. Hey, every bit of exposure counts! We've also "boosted" the post for $10 to extend our reach to Facebook users in nearby geographical areas who do not yet "like" or know about the CrossFit Chippewa Falls Facebook page.

The story is seen here in this e-newsletter, and will also be featured in CrossFit Chippewa's e-newsletter at the end of the month. The news was shared across the SXU Art Department in an e-mail to SXU instructors. Finally, a huge thank you to my parents, who are purchasing 18 copies of today's Chippewa Herald so that each student who worked on the project has a copy of the story for their portfolios!

Have a question or need ideas on maximizing exposure (Integrated Marketing) for your business or event? Contact me today!

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