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Progress Report - Checking in on the SXU Student/Client Collaboration

This semester I gave the students in my Advertising in Marketing course at Saint Xavier University, the opportunity to create a website for one of my clients. As extra credit they were given the opportunity to write a press release regarding the uniqueness of the collaboration. Read the press release below to see why this partnership is a big deal!

In addition, our efforts resulted in an interview and feature article which promotes both the client and the university. Read the press release below that caught the attention of the local news. Don't forget to follow me on Facebook to read the final interview and view the end results of the student's work for my client!


CrossFit Chippewa Falls Collides with Chicago College Students

A Small Business’ Partnership with a Large University Means a Journey to the Windy City

March 12, 2015 – Chippewa Falls, WI - At the end of this month, the Advertising and Marketing students at Saint Xavier University in Chicago, Illinois will experience an innovative opportunity to present their ideas to CrossFit Chippewa Falls owner, Allison Short.

Since January 2015, undergraduate students enrolled in Advertising in Marketing (taught by former Chippewa Falls resident, Jill Plourde) have rigorously analyzed the fitness industry, researched the target market and studied the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats as they relate to CrossFit Chippewa Falls’ business.

The students have varying backgrounds, majors and minors, ranging from Art to Graphic Design and Business. Their most recent project was to design a website for CrossFit Chippewa Falls which will serve as one of their advertising platforms. The eighteen Advertising in Marketing students are broken into four groups, on March 26, 2015 each group will present their website and advertising ideas, but only one group’s website will be selected as the winner and launched.

This unique partnership allows students the opportunity to work with actual clients while still in school, and is one many college students don’t get. The result is more than just a grade. The students get a feel for what it is like working in creative teams, gain professional presentation skills and receive feedback in an authentic, real-world setting, all for an outcome that will be used long after the class is finished.

About CrossFit Chippewa Falls: CrossFit Chippewa Falls is a centrally located gym with strong ties to the community. CrossFit Chippewa Falls specializes in small group training in an intimate setting with one-on-one attention. We train individuals ranging from 12 to 71 years of age.


Jill Plourde, M.S.

Adjunct Instructor, Saint Xavier University


Owner, Vira Creative


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