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What's Got Me Thinking

I was reading an e-newsletter and in it the author wrote, “I started thinking how odd it feels when someone expresses need then dictates the terms about what they want.” This statement actually got me thinking.

As a service provider I hear it all the time. I need help with marketing but_______. You can pretty much fill in the blank with anything, because I’ve heard it all. From, “I don’t agree with what you’re telling me to do/change/fix/try” to, “I want results in, (insert a unrealistic time span) and I have (insert unrealistic budget.)”

This isn’t the attitude of a successful business owner. Actually, successful people know how to prioritize, time manage, delegate, budget and they even know how to take a back seat when they to hire an expert to fulfill some type of need. When you think about it, this actually frees you up to focus on what you’re best at. It also builds trust between you and your service provider and helps establish a mutually beneficial partnership. It probably leads to producing greater results too.

Here are three of my top tips on how to make the most of your relationships with the people you hire.

  • Hire someone who understands your goals and can communicate the best plan that will execute strategies to meet your goals. This type of service provider doesn’t just tell you what to do, they tell you how and why as well.

  • Hire someone who can educate you in his or her field of expertise. You are not an expert in their field that’s why you’ve hired them. This service provider might be brutally honest, but in hind site you’ll see it’s far better to have hired someone who puts the success of your business ahead of your ego.

  • Hire someone who you trust to do the job. If you trust your service provider you’ll be less likely to try to dictate the terms on which they do their job. Remember you have a need so anything you do that gets in the way of your service providers ability to help you only hinders both parties ability for success.

Need help with marketing? Perhaps we’ll work well together. I use research to help small businesses make informed, innovative choices about where to spend their money. Contact Vira Creative today.

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