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Too Little Too Late - Why You Should Hire a Marketer from the Beginning

One of the biggest challenges I face when I work with clients is that they often hire me too late in the process. Perhaps it’s because they don’t think they need a marketer immediately, or maybe it’s because they don’t understand the immediate value a marketer can have on the initial branding and start up phases for their business. Either way, I want to explain why it’s important to have your marketer involved from go.

I’ve branded many clients; I’ve helped create their logos, tag lines, websites, store signage, brochures and more. Graphic designers very valuable in this process and are experts at what they do, I know because I partner with them often. However, it’s a marketer’s job to study the industry, trends, and demographic and psychographic segment of your market. During this initial process marketers help determine things like:

  • What colors and images make sense for their industry

  • What kind of logo will clearly explain and help identify the brand as well as be affordable in the long run (Multicolored and complex logos can cost more during print and promotion production)

  • What website and brochure copy, will resonate with the target market

  • What layout will help guide the target market to taking the action the client desires

  • How to properly set up, brand and integrate social media sites along with database and direct/e-mail marketing programs

  • How to train employees in the vital areas of customer service and marketing

  • What marketing tactics need to be put into effect immediately

In addition, preliminary research can be done to see if there’s a demand for the product or service. A marketer can also help determine if a particular location for the client’s business is going to be a success or fail.

When clients come to me after the fact, it’s often a challenge, not to mention time consuming and expensive, to redo any of the business decisions which were made without all the proper information. Sometimes, it’s not even possible to redo these decisions and they end up costing the client in the long run. So, bring a marketer on board before it’s too late! Whether your just getting started, or need ideas on how to increase your marketing effectiveness, contact Vira Creative today.

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