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What You Resist, Persists

It’s easy to put off nagging business problems. For example, getting rid of an employee who lacks customer service, because you have a personal attachment to him/her. Most business owners have a list of “I should’s” a mile long. Yet ignoring them doesn’t mean they will just disappear one day, and it certainly won’t help your business grow. The reality is, what we resist, persists.

It can be easy for small business owners to cast aside marketing efforts. Especially if as a business owner, there’s no one above you to hold you accountable for the outcome of your efforts, or lack there of. Excuses such as: I’ve never done marketing before, it’s too time consuming, it too costly, I don’t know where to start, or the action of clinging to old efforts which no longer work because “it’s what I’ve always done in the past,” are leading you down a slippery slope.

Your old attitude of ignoring problems will make those very problems seep deeper into your business. For example, the employee that lacks customer service skills could ultimately be the reason people no longer want to do business with you. Repeating things “you’ve always done” which do not result in a return on your investment also seems like a waste of time and money. You may find yourself saying, “it’s better than nothing,” However, that mentality wouldn’t fly if your doctor gave you a medicine he knew wouldn’t cure your disease but stated, “it’s better than nothing.”

The mindset you want to create is, the need to grow your business is more important than your fear of making decisions or mistakes. If you think you’ve got what it takes to make a shift away from old habits and into new ones, join me this September for a four-day retreat. Together we’ll strategize on how you can eliminate the problems that persist in your business and even your life.

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