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Keep it Fresh, The Importance of Updating Your Website

I'm happy to report that I finally completed my new website. My previous website was functional and featured my portfolio in an organized fashion, but it left something to be desired. I'm hoping my new site will empower visitors to better understand the advantages of the different types of marketing tactics along with what it exactly is Vira Creative can do for them. Speaking of websites, when was the last time you updated your site? Here are two reasons you should consider updating your website's content or in some cases, rebuilding your site all together.

The first reason is because it will increase your page ranking. Search engines move websites which have been updated with fresh content up in the rankings. This helps keep end users from landing on websites that haven't been updated for months or years, and which may contain content that is out of date or no longer relevant. If a search engine thinks your site is outdated, there's a strong chance so will your audience. However, with new information and updates to your site, your audience will see that you are providing them with new information or new solutions to their problems they'll be more inclined to do business with you.

Second, you can track how effective changes are. As you probably already know, I'm a huge fan of making decisions based on research. To figure out what content drives more visits to your site, make small edits to copy or images and use your platforms analytics or google analytics to see which information attracts more consumers, receives more clicks, and closes more deals.

It's also important to note websites generally have two types of content. That which is called, static and that which is called dynamic. Static content includes pages such as the contact page, about section and FAQ's. These pages don't need to be updated as often but it is a good idea to give the copy a refresh every now and then as well as keep images looking sharp and new. Depicting people with out dated clothes or hair styles might communicate to your audience that your brand is out of date, even if it's not! Dynamic content includes pages such as your blog, portfolio, and services. These pages need to be kept relevant at all times.

Imagine this scenario. A potential customer comes across your website and it says you sell or offer a certain product or service which he/she is looking for. However, during the point of sale he/she learns you no longer have that product or offer that service. Imagine their frustration. Don't waste their time or yours. Keep dynamic content updated and relevant at all times.

If you haven't updated your website in a while I highly recommend you do it or you hire someone to help you. Contact me for assistance with copywriting, website updates or overhauls. Revisit my blog soon, my client, New Urban Property Services is about to launch their freshly updated site as well!

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