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Paint the Town Video Project

Did you know that most marketing and promotional videos are viewed on mobile devices? Did you know that the maximum amount of time a consumer will dedicate to watching your video is 60 seconds for iphone users, and 90 android users? Videos are a powerful tool to help your brand or message go viral.

Vira Creative has been eager to get its hands on a video project and the time has finally come! We want to send a special thanks to Jokes 4 Miles for their work in shooting this project. It was a huge success and we are proud to present the finished product.

Our client was looking for way to increase attendance at their painting classes which they hold at local bars. In addition client wanted to communicate how their event is unique in comparison to the competition. In order to communicate the benefits the event we decided to give our target audience a visual. A promotional video will allow them to get a sneak peak into the exciting and creative atmosphere guests experience when they attend the event. We also wanted to give the target everything they needed to know, such as, all art supplies are provided for them, guests are allowed to paint any image they want and where and how to register for the event.

We were able to capture all this in a 30 second video. Vira Creative wrote the script, selected the background music, and provided editing suggestions as to which shots to integrate. The video was then posted on the client's Youtube, Facebook, and Website pages. The video can also be found on local sites which promote the event such as

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