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If you think you can execute marketing tactics willy nilly without people making assumptions about your business, you could be wrong. If your business has a small marketing budget it doesn't mean you have to cut corners and execute only the cheapest of options. On the other hand, even if you have a large budget it doesn't mean the best way to spend it is on every billboard in town. The marketing tactics you choose to execute have the same effect as a first impression, so put your best foot forward and consider the following.

Fliers, door hangers, and other paper items tied to posts – sure, if you're selling a service like painting fences, pizza delivery, or you've lost your cat. If you have high end product or even a product seen as a luxury, your inexpensive attempt to get the word out will go unnoticed by your potential customers. What's worse, it could leave a very negative first impression of your brands values. If your target market cares about the environment your “gifts” left on their porches and door knobs might make you look like you do not.

Weekly e-mail blasts – only if your desperate, don't care about opt outs, or want to send the message to your target market that you're unorganized. Bombarding them with multiple messages about products, services and sales will make their head spin and rather than trying to keep track of it all, they'll tune it out. With better planning and a clean layout you can include multiple topics in your e-newsletters so you don't have to send one out every week. Be respectful of your customers in-boxes. Send your e-mails once or twice a month at most, be consistent with what days and times you send, but avoid sending e-mails on holidays.

A one time, stand alone, large budget campaign – don't expect to get a return on your investment. It can be tempting to spend all your money on a TV appearance or one print ad or one direct mail piece. If your choose a tactic that's too costly to do again and again in a few months time, or requires the use of your entire budget so you can't execute supporting tactics, then you may be headed down the wrong path. With marketing you have to be in it for the long haul and beyond that your efforts need to be consistent and frequent.

Having a clear strategy or goal as to what you want to gain from your marketing efforts will help determine what tactics you execute. Before that, you must research. Know what your competitors are up to, know what is expected of your industry and know every move your consumers make so you can consistently show up where they are.

Vira creative will increase marketing effectiveness by using market research to execute creative, cost effective strategies on a consistent and regular basis. Contact us today!

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