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Business Blogging Blunders

The Do's and Don'ts of Blogging

Blogging can be time consuming – first you have to choose a topic, then research it, then craft your message in such a way that it engages your target. It doesn't stop there, once posted you have to get the word out so it gets the exposure necessary to actually do your business some good. If that wasn't enough there's definite do's and don'ts in the business blogging world. Here are some tricks of the trade.

Know your target and your audience. This is important for a number of reasons. First is it will help you choose topics that are directly related to issues affecting your clients or customers. Second, you shouldn't ever underestimate your readers' sophistication or knowledge level. Instead of telling your audience things they already know, give your audience information they may not be able to get elsewhere. Doing this will help establish your authority and expertise by showcasing what you know about your industry. Being this source of trusted information is a great way to attract new business.

Don't sell. The actual blog is not the proper place to promote your products or services. Consider the blog as an added gift or service you provide, one which can be appreciated for its value. It might be tempting to tout your industry, brand, or product and how it will vastly improve your audiences' life, but a blog is no place to hawk your services or products. It could be seen as pushy and overbearing, even narcissistic (like the friend that's always talking about his/herself) it's irrelevant to anyone who might already be a current client or customer and it could simply force your readers to tune you out.

Be consistent, authentic and interesting. If you want to be viewed as a consistent brand (you do) then everything you do must be consistent and that includes how often and when you blog. When you write, write authentically, connect with your audience on both a business and a personal level.

Finally, being statistical, clinical and even scholarly in nature or tone will bore your audience. Show the personality of your brand (it might be hiding but it's in there somewhere!) A blog is one place you can be slightly more exciting and relaxed with your messaging.

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