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The Power of Word of Mouth Marketing

It is true that statistics show the average customer will share their bad experience with far more people than they will share their good experience. Therefore, as you probably guessed word of mouth marketing starts with the level of customer service you provide. We share with you a quick personal experience.

Vira Creatives Founder, Jill recently visited an Orthopedic doctor for a knee injury. The doctor took his time to read her chart, knew her history and background which included years as a gymnast and took that into consideration when meeting with her. He answered her questions, didn't seem to be in a rush and genuinely listed to what she had to say. As a result, she has passed the doctor's name onto at least six people.

You reap what you sow. If what you want is more people in your door, then you best harvest relationships based on integrity and excellent customer service. A great example of an industry which thrives on the power of word of mouth marketing is yoga. Many yoga studios grow their businesses organically without spending money on external marketing initiatives. At a yoga studio you'd be hard pressed to walk through the door (if you are a regular or semi regular customer) and the teachers, owners and staff not know your name. Customer service for a yoga studio is the result of every day conversation in which the staff learns unique details about their consumers which in turn makes them feel a sense of security and belonging and prompts them to return, often with family and friends.

It's not enough to be the best doctor, or have the best, fastest, biggest or even cheapest product. Every interaction the consumer has with your brand be it over the phone, or when the consumer walks through the door, must be taken into consideration. Flawless execution which leaves the consumer feel like they were given time and attention will translate into an experience they will be dying to tell others about. Their enthusiasm and love of your product or service will help them sell it to the people they talk to. They essentially become your public relations agent, and your marketing agent all at once, and for free.

Society gives consumers the forum to voice their opinions and experiences to millions of others. One “tweet”, Facebook post, review on Yelp, Google, or Angie's List to name a few, could make or break your business for a long time to come. It could be the difference between growing your business, or spending your time, energy and marketing dollars on rebuilding your reputation. Consider the amount of verbal power a new consumer holds. Do your part to be less focused on the sale, take your time with each consumer so they have the best experience possible, because when they walk out the door they will be doing the talking.

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