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You Talk the Talk, but Do You Really Walk the Walk

So, you think you know the business and the lingo? We're not here to tell you otherwise, but we recently discovered that even the companies who put marketing at the top of their priority list don't always know what they are talking about. Why is it important to get it right? It will help you create unique goals and the best strategies and tactics to succeed, that's why!

Not long ago a client came to us stating they would be holding a marketing strategy meeting. It quickly became apparent that they were simply using a buzz word but didn't have a solid understanding of "marketing strategy." So before we could give any input it was our job to empower our client with the proper knowledge. Here are some quick and fun marketing buzz words for you to consider:

Objective - A goal which comes long before a strategy or tactic. The objective is what you with to accomplish. Eg: "Increase the number of new customers."

Strategy - A strategy is a statement which supports your objective. One way to create a clear and meaningful strategy is to fill in the blanks of this statement: "Convince that because..." Eg: "Convince small to medium sized business owners that Vira Creative will flawlessly execute their marketing campaign because Vira Creative has the knowledge, experience and professionalism needed to get the job done."

Tactic - A tactic is the branch or branches of marketing which will be used to execute the strategy. Such as: Advertising, Business to Business, Customer Relations Management, Direct Marketing, E-mail Marketing, Event Marketing, Internet Marketing, Promotions, and so on. It's important to know that certain tactics are used to meet certain objectives and strategies and your marketing budget will also play a part in which tactics you choose.For example, if your strategy is to increase consumer awareness about your brand, you might consider direct marketing, however if your budget is small then it might be best to rent an e-mail list and use e-mail marketing instead.

OOH - Out-of-home. Such as billboard advertising or other unique guerrilla marketing techniques which reach consumers when they are, as you probably guessed, not at home.

B2B - Business to business. A tactic in which two businesses form a partnership or strategic alliance.

Integrated Marketing Communications - Taking all the branches of marketing (the tactics) and ensuring that each time a consumer interacts with your brand it speaks to them with the same voice.

Millennials - This term was coined by Neil Howe and refers to the 100 million consumers born between 1982 and 2004 with a purchasing power of $730 billion. They represent tweens, teens, collegians, young adults and the contemporary family who are defined by their interest in communications, media and digital technology.

Cultural Creatives - A term coined by author Paul H. Ray which refers to the 50 million consumers in the United States alone, who have shared values of authenticity, environmental awareness, healthy lifestyles and personal development.

Sweepstakes - Prize give-a-ways where the winner is chosen by pure luck!Contest - Prize give-a-ways where the participant uses an element of skill to win, such as answering a question correctly.

Interior Branding - A term coined by one of our very own here at Vira Creative, interior branding is what you do the physical space of your business to keep it consistent with the personality of your brand.

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