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Tag Line or Mission Statement

Tips for creating your tag line and mission statement

Tag line: Your tag line should be short and simple. It should be memorable so your brand becomes memorable. Don't expect people to remember an entire sentence, muliple ideas or concepts. Research shows you have three seconds to get your message across to your target market. Seven words or less will allow for your target to fully digest the message. This also applies to advertising or any other out-of-home (OOH) medium.Make sure your tag line quickly and easily tells people who you are, and what you do that's different from your competition. Make it universal to understand. No matter how clever you think you are being, some people just won't get it. Don't assume they'll spend the time to investigate further, chances are you'll have already lost the opportunity to win the person's business or at least for them to remember you exist.

Think about all the places you'll use your tag line. If you are a business which uses promotional items (mugs, pens etc.), especially items with small imprintable areas, you'll want to make sure all the important information fits! This holds true for both tag lines and logos. It's generally more expensive to create and print products which have multiple colors, indepth designs or verbose copy.

Mission Statement: Your mission statement should be an expansion of the idea behind your tag line. It must uniquely postion what the business is at its core, its goals as it relates to the person reading it and why or what makes you better than the competitor. Try writing out a paragraph that addresses the key points just mentioned, then break that paragraph up into bullet points to allow for it to be easily read and clearly understood. Keep it very specific, ask yourself "is this what I really want to say, meant to say, or need to say?" Use essential language, eliminate any "fluff."

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