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Stickers campaigns create brand awareness and they make great give-a-ways.

Step and Repeat Banner

Draw people to your booth at tradeshows and events with large, attention grabbing displays. This step and repeat banner is a great photo opt and social media marketing integrator.

1.5x1.5 Inch Button

Take a standard promotional item like a button and give it a creative twist.

Bar Coasters

Make your brand visible wherever your target market might be with creative promotional items.

Branded Coffee Mugs

76% of Consumers are more likely to remember a brand because of a promotional item. Compared to 53% from TV ads and 27% from online ads.

Beach Balls

These beach balls were handed out at a parade they provided both a meaning and a way for the audience to remember the brand.


Stay top of mind with special give-a-ways and promotions throughout the year. These mugs will contain tea samples and be given to current patients.

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