Experience matters. It's what keeps customers loyal and drives new business through your doors. Vira Creative strives to give each of its customers meaningful, result oriented expeiences. Read what others have to say about working with Vira Creative.






"Working with Jill was a true pleasure...

...She provided creatives way in advance to the deadlines. The creative provided were beautiful and the highest of quality and design.  I look forward to working with Jill for many years to come. Thank you JILL!" 


Laura L. Rode/ Sr. Director of Advertising & Business Development/CelebrityAccess

*Creative provided by TicketNetwork, Inc. (Vira Creative Client)

Graduate Student (Former SXU Undergraduate Student)

"Your class was the best...

...Thank you for making such an impact on my career - I learned more from your class with having hands on experience than any other course taken! ...I hope you know how impactful and REAL that class was! I’m working at a graphic design agency so it’s just like in class, designers with marketers! Can’t thank you enough." 

Commercial Color

"Thanks for all the hard work...

and responsiveness. Will definitely recommend you and Vira [Creative] to people I run across."

Mike and Sissys Knopps Coldwell Banker Brenizer Realtors

"We have been working with Jill (Vira Creative) since July of 2016!

The experience has been hands down amazing! Jill is very good at what she does. When we need something done she makes it happen. She gives great advice and is upfront about her thoughts on projects. (No beating around the bush) Jill doing all the research and taking over my marketing has allowed me more time with my family, clients, and networking! If you need a marketing company...Jill is the one to call. You won’t be disappointed!"

Nutrition Logic

"Vira Creative is an amazing company...

...to work with! Jill helped us advance our business in a few short months more than we had done on our own in years. She is friendly, knowledgeable and goes above and beyond to provide excellent customer service. I would highly recommend Vira Creative to anyone looking for creative ways to market and expand their business. Our experience has truly been a game changer." 

CrossFit Chippewa Falls

"Vira Creative helped me grow from a personal trainer, to a gym owner...

...we have been with Vira Creative, officially for seven months which is when we bought our gym/business. With her help we have doubled our membership! Our members also enjoy the newsletters she writes and Jill helps to create a very good following on our Facebook page. She is very knowledgeable in marketing and in business. We have developed a very good working relationship and I trust that she puts our business needs as a high priority. She is always on top of her game, very prompt to reply and always gets projects done before the deadline. I appreciate everything she does for us and look forward to what new ideas she will bring to the table. 

SXU Undergraduate Student

"I greatly enjoyed your class, valued your insight...

...and the knowledge you taught us. I've used the information and experiences from your marketing class to develop my branding and personal projects." 

Liz Vitell

"Vira Creative delivers...

...a highly professional service with a personal touch. I'd highly recommend Jill's company to anyone, particularly small business owners." 

Healing Foundations

"Hiring Vira Creative was a great relief...

...we were trying to do everything and were overwhelmed and not getting [as] many things done as we wanted. She came in and became our outsourced marketing team. [Her] part within our company is seamless from the outside and she is a go-getter that will take an idea [and] run with it but check in throughout to make sure it's still what your vision is. I highly recommend Jill and her company Vira Creative!"

Allison Short

" I love Vira Creative...

...because it helps me gain an edge over the other trainers. I use Vira Creative's services to retain and expand my client base. They love the newsletters! Having a crazy schedule, it would be impossible to put the time into doing the things that Jill does for me. I would recommend her knowledge and advice to anyone looking to step ahead in their business." 

Life Elemental - Sheila Petersen

"Vira Creative is an amazing asset to my business...

...I know that I would not be where I am today without Jill's assistance and knowledge in marketing. Jill takes the stress out of my job by putting my thoughts into words in a clear and concise manner. I look forward to working with Jill and Vira Creative for any of my marketing needs!" 

Jane McCourt

[Vira Creative] "Jill is knowledgable about...

...marketing trends and which tools are best in class for reaching your industry's market." 

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