The most successful small businesses I’ve encountered or consulted for have one very important thing in common. What it comes down to is the intentionality of the business owner. Business owners who are intentional about how they run their business, or how they provide...

I’ve never been a fan of Multi-Level Marketing businesses, aka, MLMs. Or, as we used to call them before it became taboo, “pyramid schemes.” In fact, if you were into one and requested my services for branding or marketing, I’d have politely turned you down. (And I sti...

I was delighted to see that in the 2019 issue of My Volvo magazine there was an article titled, “The Power of Blank Space.” This immediately made me think of two things. The first was to remind you, if blank space is important enough to consider when designing cars, th...

In certain industries employees are trained to guide customers to the restroom when they ask where it’s located. Surely, they could point or provide the customer with turn-by-turn directions, but it’s considered higher-level service to actually walk them to the destina...

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