Getting to Know Me, My Work and My Friends

Listen, I do not run with a wide circle of people and if we were in high school we definitely wouldn't be the popular clique. However, our group has intelligence, humor, creativity and life experience in abundance. When I started my podcast, two of the approximately 4.5 friends in my group offered to interview me for the show. Jeremy was one of them. He's of the quiet sorts but trust me this man is "Rain Man" kind of smart. As I listen back there's some things I want to add here they are bullet point/rapid fire style.

1. The other thing about getting in "on the ground floor" with a client is I know I can build the brand (from logo to website to social media pages) in such a way that it houses marketing, design and business strategy. Designers are so talented and necessary but, building a website only from that perspective often means your site won't tick all the boxes. Great design and a call to action, concise yet creative copywriting, sales strategy and much more need to be taken into consideration in order to go from a site that just sits there to a site that sells.

2. Another recent gripe I have about social media - when brands have a thousands of followers and are only following like 30 people back. Talk about too cool for school. Show your audience some love and reciprocate!

3. The Snapchat lens I mentioned is up to 164,500 views, 162,000 plays and 686 shares. (As of 10/13.)

4. I get it. Social media is a game. A popularity contest. "Oh they don't have a lot of followers, then I'm not going to follow them either." Or, "Wow they have a ton of followers they MUST be cool!" Here's the flaw in both those statements: 1. Cut a brand some slack, they have to start somewhere. If you like it, like it. Funny how we tout authenticity, individuality and being your own person but then follow the crowd the first chance we get. 2. Looks aren't everything. It may appear because someone has a large following (or paid for one, or it's mostly their friends and family) that they are top notch, but I personally prefer quality over quantity. Besides, do social media "likes/follows" really translate to sales? Is it necessary to have a million followers who never interact or purchase from you or, a couple thousand engaged followers who are more likely to purchase from you?

I could go on for hours about the do's and don'ts of marketing so this is definitely just one part of many more podcasts to come where I hope to share more of myself, my insight and my friends.


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