The Science of Cinnamon Rolls

When it comes to the science of baking, cinnamon rolls and entrepreneurship, Rocky VanAllen of Rocky's Rolls is no slouch! She's a lot like myself and my bestie (Allison from episode 7, go listen if you haven't yet) in the sense that she's a self described, work-a-holic. Her first business was when she was just 17-years old and having been part of a multi-generational family of restaurant owners, she knows what it takes to develop the ingredients to success.

Her enthusiasm and persistence come across very clearly in this episode. It's no wonder she's excited about her cinnamon rolls, they are AMAZEBALLS. If you're local (New Lenox, IL-ish) get on it and place an order or 12. She's truly perfected her craft. Tune into this episode to hear about how she's made careful decision after careful decision and how she's now ready to launch her business into one big massive ooey- gooey enterprise.

Catch the episode on SoundCloud, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Play or right here on my website. Follow Rocky's Rolls or place an order via her social media pages. Facebook or Instagram.

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