Always Learning

This episode is behind the scenes of what it looks like when I'm working with a client. It's basically a brainstorming session where we figure out some creative ways to help build brand awareness. Often times we'll go much more in-depth in terms of what people have done in the past, what's been successful and what hasn't and into the market research. Furthermore when a client hires me, I repeatedly have these types of conversations and dig for the most up-to-date accurate information to help best position the brand and execute consistent and effective marketing tactics.

What I love about this episode is since the recording, I've found a website that takes an image an an audio clip and merges them together to create an MP4 file. Check out my Instagram page I've been utilizing this program to create posts that promote the podcast. So fun! I also went to and found a free "app" that will broadcast your podcast on the WIX platform. It does not host, you must upload your RSS feed, yep got clarification on that too (I'm not as good on the spot as I'd like to be!) but it's an RSS feed that you enter into the WIX app and your episodes will appear on the site. I've implemented this into my site since I use WIX and for many people it's just an easier way to access the podcast. See it here!

Be sure to contact me if you think I could be an asset to your business and remember to check out John Dunia's work here:


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