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Like your favorite cup of coffee. Which reminds me, why haven't you entered to win the free coffee I giveaway each week? Entering takes 10 seconds max, share the podcast via the app or by taking a screenshot with your phone, post it to social media and tag my account. @Viracreative on the Book and IG.

I just love chatting with experienced people who understand branding. Roy's tag line is so strong! This was a fun episode, we had a lot of laughs. What cool job eh? Did you catch the part about getting a coach? Here we go again! Coach, mentor, whatever it's called for your industry but this is becoming repetitive for almost every episode. Think of it like any other business expense. For those of us out there without a coach/mentor (myself included) how's that working for you?

I'll be the first provide an honest answer. Not that great!

Next, let's touch on Google Ads. I don't provide SEM, but it's so vital to marketing and many small business owners I know who are doing it, are doing it so. wrong. Like most marketing tactics if you don't have a healthy budget you're likely just wasting your money. As you heard the one click cost the business owner $10. Now what if you're budget is $10/day or close to $300 a month. That's a lot for some business owners but at the same time it's not nearly enough because if a click cost $10, your ad will only show until someone clicks then it won't show any more for that entire day. Now, if that person clicks and becomes a customer, great doesn't usually work that fast or that easily.

If the customer is just researching and not ready to purchase or hire yet, then that's a costly click with no potential return on investment. If the customer doesn't find what they are looking for on the landing page you've directed them to or there's some other complication, they may leave the site without a purchase and again you've wasted dollars. I won't lay out every scenario here but just think about how you use the internet, do you buy from the first website you land on? Do you tend to click on sites and leave immediately?

Some food for thought. Ah, food. Coffee is food, kind of. Be sure you're entering our giveaway every week. I hope you enjoyed episode 11. There's some great stuff packed in here. Remember: God loves you and sit down and talk with people, listen and don't assume what you see or read on social media is true. Headlines are meant to get you to feel a certain way, even think a certain way and many of us don't look past the headline. Companies, brands, people, LIFE is more than just a headline and a pretty picture.

Episode 11 can be caught here.

If you want to know more about writing headlines or any content discussed in this episode please contact me.

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