How to Have a Successful Side Hustle

In episode 9 I had the pleasure of talking for the first time ever, to Ashley Stamper of Beautycounter and The.Simple.Pearl. Ashley and I were connected via a mutual friend after I had a miscarriage. If you heard in the podcast Ashley's had four. Since getting connected to Ashley I had a second miscarriage and throughout both of these really emotionally and physically hard times she's been a strong woman and source of support. It makes sense after having gone through such a loss four times (or even once for that matter) that a mother would seek out answers and set on a path towards even healthier living. Ashley and I share that in common as well.

My side hustle is Young Living. I love the versatility of essential oils - I can clean with them, cook with them, use them a bug repellent, for sunburn, diaper rash, emotional support or simply to make my home smell better. I also love their supplements and clean products such as body wash and makeup. Ashley's passion is Beautycounter. While her main focus is being a mom to her son, sharing her story and using clean products is her passion project or, side hustle.

Her side hustle currently consists of selling mostly to family and friends. However, she touched on some good insight regarding the ingredients to success. I see friends and clients jumping from one multi-level marketing company to another and I think it's because they don't pay attention to these key things:

1. Don't quit your 9 - 5 on the promise of making it big through a MLM. Not that you won't make top tier, platinum seller or whatever the label may be, but until you've figured out that a commission only salary is going to pay your bills you better slow your role.

2. Get to the know the product - As mentioned you don't need all the answers, you can and will have to look things up if you're truly trying to match your customer with the best product however if you're not knowledgeable people will run the other way. The best of the best, recommend other products from other brands if that's what is in the best interest of the consumer.

3. Have passion for the product - There's a lot of products out there that I may use and like but sorry, laundry detergent doesn't make me want to get out of bed in the morning and sell, sell, sell. When you're passionate about something, you speak honestly, freely and openly about it. You don't have "watch what you say," create catchy slogans or gimmicks to get people's attention, it's just sincere conversation. As I mentioned I think we all crave deeper and more sincere conversations these days.

I like Ashley's approach. "I want to focus on simple things." Since the advice from Beautycounter themselves is to NOT blast their products all over social media she's branded herself The. Simple. Pearl. Smart. On her social sites she builds relationships, gives advice, earns your trust and shares her story before ever trying to sell you anything. If she does land a sale, she's confident the product will speak for itself and she'll have played a role in making someone's lifestyle, simply healthier. Now that's a way to make a living.

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Also mentioned in this episode: The app: Think Dirty.

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