"Growing Flowers is Really Pretty Science"

Here we are already at episode 8! What a beautiful way to make a living, being a flower farmer! As Christina of Fulton Flower Co. talked about the job isn't without its challenges especially when your initial plan was to launch during an untimely plandemic...but what we are reminded of in this episode, is that one key ingredient to success is having a backup plan.

What else works in this line of work? The ability to be flexible and adapt with whatever is thrown at you. Quite literally, there are seasons of planing seeds, seasons of growth and of sales just like with any other business. Maybe you aren't physically planting seeds but as business owners we want to always be marketing aka, planting the seed in our consumers' minds.

Behind the scenes, post episode I connected Christina to our guest in episode 5, Beth Glover of JoyFire Designs. Can you imagine the beautiful products they could create together with Beth's art and Christina's bunches? I also connected her with a local real estate agent who I feel might be able to utilize Fulton Flower Co. to stage the homes she sells.

If you're local, be sure to catch Fulton Flower Co. at an event, farmers market etc. Consider them for your next party, patio project or even wedding. My daughter's second birthday is coming and I can't wait to see what Christina can do for us.

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