Reflection Reveals Growth

This is my favorite episode so far. There! I said it! We can probably all relate to Dr. Cook's story about moving to California or not. Maybe it wasn't a move but it was quitting your job and starting your own company or some other large decision you had to make. (No imagine making that decision in your early 20's!) Here are the ingredients to success that this episode revealed:

1. Planning: More specifically a business plan is a super useful tool and it will be required to get a business loan.

2. Action + Energy is a powerful combination to help ease out self-doubt.

3. External vs. Internal marketing: I see this a lot when I work with business owners they start out spending a lot of time getting out in their community then as their customer base grows they add into the mix internal systems, processes and marketing to help retain customers and inspire referrals/word of mouth.

4. Reflection reveals growth meaning, it's a good idea to take time at least once a year if not more, to reflect back, write down, investigate, map out where your time and energy was spent in the past and where you want to spend time and energy in the future. To look for what worked, what didn't work and to be brave enough to change up what it's working even if you invested a lot of resources into it.

The most impactful statement in this episode for me, "When life is flowing you're probably in the right place and when it's rocky, you need to make a change." Stay tuned we need to have Dr. Cook on for a second time to discuss her involvement in the school system as well as her third book!

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