Lingering Thoughts from Episode 3

If you listened to episode three you now know I grew up in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. However, the real connection between Gene, owner of The Oak Furniture Shop and myself is, my sister cuts Gene's hair! In fact, my sister who is a licensed cosmetologist is the source of connection for the guests in episodes three, four and six.

If you haven't noticed I'm airing episodes very other Tuesday. If you would like to be a guest or a sponsor please contact me!

One funny thing as I look back on is that when I mentioned the quote "The person who loves the process has a greater chance of success than the person who loves the outcome" which was said by Erwin McManus, I think Gene thought I said, "person who loves the profit." Which makes me laugh because it is rather the opposite of what I was saying. Oh well!

The two big take-a-ways on this episode were when Gene mentioned he works harder for himself than he would for anyone else. Um, can we say truth bomb! Yes, yes and more yes! If you own a business you know this to be true and if you're thinking of starting a business, be prepared for this. I thought about pressing in even more when Gene mentioned charging what you're worth. Woah, is he right. However, that conversation will take up an entire episode. I could probably write the book on this topic and share some pretty hard learned lessons I had to learn (and still am) myself.

The last thing that stands out is when asked what he'd do differently he stated, everything. He hadn't taken any business courses and clearly he didn't need to in order to find success. However, he may have avoided a few mistakes along the way is the point I believe he was making. In the upcoming episodes we start to see a theme, our guests will credit industry seminars and events as well as mentors as a huge reason behind their success. They'll also talk about how vulnerable it can be to "put yourself out there." Be sure to tune in.

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