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So Basic

A few weeks ago someone was using an example of search engines to make a point. He reminded us that in the beginning consumers had multiple options: AltaVista, Google, Yahoo, Ask Jeeves, MSN and so on. Of course, consumers still have options however; there has been a clear winner.

We don’t typically hear consumers say, “MSN it,” or “Yahoo it,” We say, “Google it.” In fact, the phrase “Google it” has made its way into every day conversation. It gets the most popular vote and seems to be the winner.

He went on to point out why Google won. Google won by being basic. When you go to Google’s home page, what do you see? You see a mostly white page. Your eye is immediately drawn to the brand name/logo. Beneath that, Google provides the very spot for you to do what you set out to do.

What don’t you see? You don’t see any annoying pop ups. You don’t see headlines or news feeds. You don’t see multiple things to click on.

What you have here is an example of how being basic “wins.” In this case, less is more. White space is king. The brand provides immediate access to the service they provide.

Although it was a very intelligent person who made this excellent point, it wasn’t a marketing professional. It was a pastor. So I have faith that you too, can figure this out. Take a look at your websites, brochures, business cards and all other marketing collateral. Are they busy? Or, are they basic? Is there white space? Or, have you filled every inch of the page? Do they provide immediate access? Or, do they distract?

Call me if anything needs a revamp: 224.628.2442. #victoryforbrands

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