How will my business benefit from marketing consulting?


To be effective and efficient marketing needs to be thoroughly researched and carefully planned. Both are time consuming tasks. As professionals in our industry, we enjoy meticulous research and we can properly match marketing strategies to marketing tactics to achieve your company's goals. This saves you time and money.


Can I hire a Vira Creative consultant to execute one tactic?


No. The reason we don't work on just one tactic (such as just social media or e-mail marketing) is because we work off the concept that the sum is greater than its parts. The most successful businesses implement multiple tactics which integrate and support one another.


Can I hire a Vira Creative consultant for just one project?


Yes. We have an hourly rate for project based assignments. However, to maximize the impact of your efforts we recommend you consider the consultant for planning, executing and follow up measures.


What are your rates?


We are a small business and we take personal interest in helping your business succeed. Our rates are designed to fit small business budgets and are set at a fraction of the cost of what large marketing agencies charge.


When will my business see results?


Depending on the strategies and tactics we implement, some results will be immediate and others are measured at the end of a campaign or over the course of one year.